Favorite Breakfasts

In my house, going out to breakfast is a big deal – since we love to make breakfast at home. However, there are a few breakfast spots in the St. Louis area that have won my heart and are crave-worthy.

Donuts: Strange Donuts has probably been my most visited breakfast joint.  There are now three locations in St. Louis (they also have one in Columbia, MO):  Maplewood, Kirkwood, and Creve Coeur. Only Creve Coeur has a place to sit down and eat, the other two have just enough room for a few people to get in and order, so these are typically take-out breakfasts for us.  The name says it all as the donuts are not your typical glazed donuts. They have some year-long unusual offerings such as the Maple Bacon (my personal favorite), the Gooey Butter Cake (a St. Louis staple dessert) and the Red Velvet.  They also have creations for each month and those are often so good it will be hard to wait a year for them to come around again. In March, I had a filled Chocolate Guinness donut that may have changed my life with its mixture of salty, sweet, and bitter and the cutest little pretzel on top.  In October, there was the pumpkin pie donut. And in the summer, the blueberry lemon sage donut. For the not-so-adventurous amongst us, there are your more common glazed donuts – the more expected donuts – and, of course, the rainbow pony (it has sprinkles!).

The Maple Bacon!

Unique breakfast: The Living Room in Maplewood, on Chippewa, caught my attention by the name alone.  I first found it looking for a coffee shop, but quickly fell in love with the well-thought-out breakfasts!   I’ll get to the food, but OMG, the coffee! The first time I went there I had an iced salted honey latte and it was so good I found an excuse to go back that same week and grab another one!  The coffee, roasted on site, was strong and sweet just the way I like it. Also, they use paper straws so I can sip without worrying about the sea turtles! I next went to the Living Room with the family and tried out some of their egg sandwiches. They only serve their eggs soft boiled, which I had never had before.  As someone who likes a good runny egg, I was very pleased. Sandwiches come on baguettes or biscuits, which both stood up to the yolk and came with fresh produce, so it didn’t feel too heavy. On another visit, I had a chocolate walnut scone with cherry preserves and felt like I somehow had figured out how to have a brownie for breakfast!  This breakfast is best had in warm weather as the indoor seating is limited, but the outdoor area doubles the seating.

Salted Honey Latte!

Muffins: Hartford Coffee Company is a gem by Tower Grove Park, hidden in a residential area, but right there at the end of Hartford street!  I first discovered this place when I worked nearby and wanted to get a coffee for my art teacher friend and my eye was caught by big beautiful muffins!  Sure they offer other things, but the muffins are still my favorite. I prefer the classic blueberry, but they have a variety of options such as a bran muffin for the health conscious amongst us and often a raspberry white chocolate muffin for those of us who like to indulge. They really are big enough you could split one with a friend, but you won’t want to. You can pick up and go, but the vibe for this place is good enough you’ll want to sit a while. It takes the community coffee shop idea to heart with community flyers up and schedules for upcoming live music sessions.


Diner Breakfast: Courtesy Diner is a St. Louis staple with many locations around the city, my favorite one being the Webster Groves site.  Courtesy Diner offers the typical fare, but done really well. I’m a huge fan of the country fried steak with eggs and hashbrowns, while my girls adore the pancakes.  They also have some fun named breakfasts such as the Hoosier, the Hangover, and their specialty, the Slinger with eggs, hash browns, a hamburger, chilli and toast.

Courtesy Diner made one Mickey-shaped for her!

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